If you suspect the presence of an Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) in your residential/domestic property, there’s no need to become alarmed. The mere identification of asbestos doesn’t imply an immediate risk of exposure for you or your family. The key is to evaluate the material and determine the necessary steps to mitigate potential concerns. Generally, if left undisturbed, it remains relatively safe. The concern arises when it’s disturbed in a manner that could release airborne fibres.

Steps to Take if You Suspect Asbestos at Home

While immediate action might not always be necessary, reaching out to the Enviro Guard team would still be advisable. Give us a call at 01733855005, and our experts can guide you on the most suitable next steps.

If you’ve already undergone asbestos sampling or a survey, you should have received a ‘material assessment’ and recommendations. These will aid in determining the appropriate course of action. Remember, asbestos removal isn’t always the sole option – at times, managing the asbestos in its current state may be advisable.

Highlighted below are some common areas where asbestos might be found in a typical household. Our skilled Surveyors can identify and test suspected asbestos areas promptly, ensuring swift results.

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Prospective Property Purchasers

In the current landscape, it’s become customary to conduct an asbestos survey inspection on your prospective home before reaching the stages of exchange or completion.

A domestic property’s management asbestos survey is akin to a home buyer valuation report or a comprehensive building survey. However, the emphasis in this case is on identifying asbestos materials within the property.

It’s important to acknowledge that a home buyer valuation report or a building survey report will probably only identify the most obvious asbestos-containing materials. For a more comprehensive understanding, it’s typically through a management survey that additional asbestos-containing materials are identified.

Management Asbestos Survey

The purpose of a Management survey is to locate the presence, extent and condition of any suspect ACM's which could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy, including maintenance activity and installations. The surveys will involve minor intrusive work, covering all areas where routine maintenance work occurs.

This survey entails the collection of samples from suspicious materials to confirm the presence or absence of asbestos. All samples obtained during asbestos surveys are then analysed, with options for next day results, enabling expedited processing and providing rapid results for high-risk or emergency scenarios.

Undergoing a comprehensive Management survey represents a pivotal initial step in forming an efficient asbestos management plan for your establishment or organisation.

Refurbishment Asbestos Survey

Before starting any refurbishment, improvement or demolition works within a building constructed before the year 2000, a Refurbishment survey is mandatory.

The purpose of the survey is to locate and describe all ACM's in the area which will be affected by the planned works. Using controlled methods, an intrusive inspection will be carried out, including any voids or cavities.

As with the Management survey, removal of ACM's may not be necessary, as often ensealing or encasing an ACM will be the safest course of action.

A refurbishment survey will record the various asbestos products in the building/area, their location, the extent of the material and the following laboratory analysis, the asbestos type.

Recommendations from the surveyor will also be included, providing clear guidance on how to manage the asbestos going forward.

Pre-purchase Survey

When purchasing a property, it's natural to be concerned about potential hidden liabilities that might come along.

'Homebuyers' reports are typically not conducted by asbestos surveyors, leading to them being less exhaustive compared to surveys performed by trained asbestos professionals. Pre-purchase asbestos surveys offer a more comprehensive evaluation than 'homebuyers' reports, providing you with a precise overview of any asbestos presence.

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